General Surgery and Breast Surgery

It is a team consist of esophagus surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, colorectal surgery,
hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery, and Breast Surgery.

Medical services

We are engaged in "the diagnosis and treatment of cancer," mainly gastric cancer, colon
cancer, breast cancer. It also incorporates endoscopic surgery utilizing the laparoscope, we
are committed to the treatment of world standard. In addition, we have been safe surgery
with the aim that the postoperative complications do not occur. It has also carried out, such
as radiation therapy or chemotherapy for cancer at our institution.
As diseases other than cancer, we are underwent surgery of cholelithiasis, inguinal hernia,
and also for appendicitis.

Diagnosis and treatment policy

Underwent regular conferences along with the experts in each field, we set up a treatment
plan and an accurate diagnosis. We will continue to support the treatment of a patient in a team.

Target diseases

We are treated esophagus, stomach cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer,
gallbladder cancer, and breast cancer as malignant disease. Also as benign disease, it supports cholelithiasis, inguinal hernia, and even appendicitis.

Clinical experiences

The total number of surgical disease in 2012 to 738 cases
Mainly two cases of esophageal cancer, 40 cases of gastric cancer, 115 cases of colon cancer,152 cases of breast cancer, 38 cases of appendicitis, 21 cases of intestinal obstruction, 65 cases of cholecystectomy, 10 cases of pancreatic cancer, 112 cases of inguinal hernia, and 183 cases of other.